Calzo | Music Production | Composing | Record Label | Part of Wolfie Media Co.
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music releases & playlists

New music releases and playlists available on Spotify

Radio Show & Video Podcast

Shows available on iTunes & YouTube


Music Production | Composing | Broadcasting | Media | Record Label

Multi-Platinum Award | Alive | Empire of the Sun

Represented by
Wolfie Media Co. & BKKMG Records

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Design & Development

graphic design | wordpress development | video editing | photography

Studio Live Streams, Music Videos, Tutorials & the Kayfabe Kalzo series.

Signature Overdrive Guitar Pedal

The Calzo Houdini signature overdrive pedal by Caline Music. Limited Edition blues & rock overdrive with a crystal clear gain & sweet bass. Perfect for boosting your solo’s or a chopping rhythm tone.